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Etiquette & Procedures


In consideration of others with allergies or sensitivities to scent – please refrain from using scented lotions, powders, sprays and perfumes in the gym. Please use the towels and bottles of disinfectant spray provided to wipe down equipment before and after usage (this includes the stretching mats). Please be courteous to other members – everyone has time limitations, so please share equipment. Please show respect for others by refraining from using foul language, shouting, or playing your personal music too loudly – unless the gym is empty… then it’s your own show!

Masks will be mandatory upon entry and are optional during your workout.

There are limited memberships available and limited number of members allowed in the facility at a time. Until further notice, we do not have a reservation list for gym slots; first come, first access to the facility!


Please be courteous to others during peak times, or when someone is waiting. This allows everyone the opportunity to have a workout during our busy times.


In the case of severe injury or medical emergency, phone 911 immediately; and notify 247 Fitness Amherstview. “Closed toe” shoes MUST be worn when using exercise equipment – no exceptions.


247 Fitness Amherstview is for use by paid members only – day passes available.

Membership fees will be $43.99 + HST per month. If you wish to cancel your membership, let us know by email or in person.

There are different payment options. 

You may pay per month by cash or debit in person, or set up to have recurring payments by credit card. Recurring payments can be stopped at any time.

There is an option to put your membership on hold up to 3 months. This is available for both memberships and is FREE!  If you signed a 12-month commitment, your membership will be extended the number of months you paused your account for. If you require more than 3 months, speak to staff.

Any change in personal information (name, address, billing information) must be reported to 247 Fitness Amherstview as soon as the change occurs. 

Important Notice

Staff will be on site:

Monday to Friday: 6am to 10pm

Saturday: 8am to 8pm

Sunday: 10am – 6pm;

allowing access to the facility. Clients will be informed when the facility adapts a 24hr model.


How do I join the gym?

The quickest way to become a member is by registering online. Click here and follow the prompts. If you have all of your personal and credit card information on hand, it shouldn’t take you longer than 10min.

If you do not have a credit card and require pre-authorized payments; contact a staff member to arrange an appointment to meet at the gym to set everything up for you! 😊

Can I get a personal tour of the gym?

If you would like to see the gym before signing up, contact staff to arrange an appointment. 

You can also take a virtual tour by clicking here.

What are the operating hours?

Staff will be on site from 6am to 10pm, allowing access to the facility. Clients will be informed when the facility adapts a 24hr model.

Are there showers?

No. There is one very large washroom.

Is the front door/washroom wheelchair accessible?

Yes – and there is plenty of room to get around the equipment.

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